AGS Logistics offers solutions for your commodity be collected, storage and delivered with total security and punctuality. We provide to our clients a warehouse that is located in Aruja/SP, with an own area with more than 1000 m2 and all the adapted infrastructure to receive, store, handle, sort, check and dispatch with quality of care.

Benefits AGS

Management of fixed flow of goods and information about the steps and the storage´s process:

  • Reception;
  • Separation;
  • Conference;
  • Forwarding and/or storage;
  • Storage and distribution of general cargo;
  • Storage of loose or palletized loads;
  • Palletizing loads;
  • Applying stretch film when need (if necessary);
  • Picking and packing;
  • Counting and labeling;
  • Products descaracterization;
  • Segregation area